Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ah, Memories

My family is having a serious case of 'do you remember'-itis. I live 8 hours away from my nearest relative. Facebook has become a way of keeping up with them without having to keep up with emails, phone calls or snail mail. Trust me when I tell you that 420 characters sent via a mass market is just about my style. If they had to depend on me to type an email or make a phone call, it wouldn't be a good thing. (my phone history shows the last time I talked to my mother was Tuesday Jan 18...note to self, call mom and check in). So, I log in this evening to make an update and to see if there is anything I need to know and I find this:

The caption is 'my pretty sissy'. My sister must have been at my parents house. There was another one posted with the caption 'my sister is going to kill me'. Hmmmm, no I won't kill her but I am keeping the option of harm open. That photo needed to stay hidden in the bottom of the box (no I will not post it because it is so bad)!!! There are times I really dislike Facebook...I especially dislike it when it gets people going through the reminiscence phase.

This phase is coming from a very weird place. My father's side of the family. I cannot even tell you all of my aunts names, how many there truly are, and I really don't know most of my cousins on that side of my family - not even their names. All of a sudden we are remembering when, and planning a family reunion. To top it off, they went out and found an aunt that wasn't even in the family for most of her life (and none of mine). It really is a convoluted story. I am not real sure how I feel about the entire thing. I mean, I know I will play along for my younger sister and my dad but it seems so contrived. But, maybe it's not. Possibly they have seen the light and really do want to get to know one another....I don't know.

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Shell said...

Maybe it's a fun way for them to try to connect...but anyone tags me in pics I hate on facebook and I get mad...and untag.