Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy & Me

Me and the boy last night... We had lots of fun at the hockey game on our Mommy and Me date.

(stop looking at that double chin thing I have going on...what is that?!?!?)

And how about a comparison just so I can give you a laugh....Above, my idea of makeup, below Doodles idea of makeup. Anyone need a makeup artist??? He is fabulous --- so good with a brush, and eyeliner - NO ONE BETTER :)


M said...

Looks like fun!

Hmmm... he does look like a creative genius in the makeup department...

This reminded me of the time I put make up on my sister... she was probably around 4 which would make me around 10 and we had this gigantic set of makeup... I put thick black eyeshadow from her eyelashes to her eyebrows and it wouldn't wash off! My mom was sooo mad... But that wasn't as bad as the time our neighbor painted her eyelids with NAIL POLISH.

kc said...

I let him use my Revlon colorstay eyeliner that looks like a pencil...its fun. ALL kids -- boys and girls like makeup. I would rather he put it on me than my walls or the cat...ya! He paints pictures on his face too. :)

What is awesome is he does my eyeshadow, blush and foundation before painting all over me with eyeliner.

Shell said...

What a fun day out!

Rachel said...

Glad you got to go to the game - both of you look thrilled!

And no way no how is my kiddo ever coming at me with make up... I mean, he doesn't even write with a pencil in a book without breaking the lead, ha ha!