Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shopping, Shopping & More Shopping

Ahhhh...I am back for the weekend. But the entire thing has been spent working on schoolwork (except the 2 hours I spent going to church). SOOOO TIRED!!!

My trip last week was not without its fun. There was shopping, oh yes there was shopping. My boss is not one to shy away from the largest Disney Store Evah...nope, he enjoys shopping, well, kinda in a way. We had fun walking around downtown Disney after our day at the conference. Yes we were at Disney whining about our jobs a little bit. But, Doodles scored these 2 adorable characters:

When I got home, I had present waiting for me too!! YAY. Over the last decade or so, I have become desensitized and am not big into receiving things...but seriously I really am still a human being and got all sorts of excited. Who knew that was still in me....but here is where I totally pimp Impel Clothing. Not because I was asked, HA...those who know me will tell ya that would so not happen. Just because I wanna. So, I won a contest on ModernMom's blog and received the clothes on Friday when I got home. I wore the cami and V-neck tee to church today. HELLO LOVE!!!! So comfortable. And, they really do look nice enough to wear with a can I just say that yes I have found new travel clothes. I so invested money today (Oh yes I did spend money on myself...shocking!!!) But, I totally bought 9 shirts (camis, tees and 1 lace top) and only spent $100.....what?!?!?! I totally love that it looks like an everyday dress up/down shirt. (look, Doodles was playing w/ the camera so I can show ya......well sorta -- he is 7, a fine cameraman in the making hehehe)

SO thank you my friend in the Suburbs for introducing me to Impel. Comfy!!!


M said...

Cute pics! And nice necklace! ;) And 9 shirts for $100??? That's a steal!

It must be a shopping kind of weekend... I ordered a couple of cute clearance cardigans from Victoria's Secret last night. There was this super cute snow leopard print wrap-style sweater that can be worn six different ways... I was so tempted to snag it ($19 on clearance, originally $70!), but instead I was practical and ordered one black and one charcoal gray cardigan.

kc said...

The necklace is the best part of that picture...I would be lost without it -- seriously, one of the best presents ever ;)

I ordered 3 of the camisoles (tank tops) -- brown, black, and blue because I can wear them to work out in. I am thinking I might order a dress from them -- just to see. Still thinking about it. I don't shop for myself often, but after wearing them - I could happily live in these :)

M said...

Comfy clothes are worth picking up when you find 'em. Especially comfy clothes that can be worn dressed up or down. I live in camisoles when the weather is warmer... I like to sleep in them, too because they don't slide around or bunch up when I move around in my sleep.