Tuesday, February 1, 2011

True Story Tuesday: The Dentist

I have a dentist appointment coming up. YUK! I am a much better patient than I used to be...but I still hate the dentist. I was scarred as a child, that's my story.........

brought to you by Rachel & Mr. Daddy

Once upon a time, a long time ago a mother packed her little girl into the car for an appointment. A dentist appointment! The car pulls into the parking lot and the girl looks at her mother and states, “this is not my dentist.”

Mother, “I know, you are not allowed back there. This is my dentist, do NOT embarrass me. BEHAVE yourself!”

Child “Don’t I always?”(10 yr old girls are a joy to their mothers at all times, no)

For some reason the mother glared at the 10 year old child, grabbed her hand and walked into the dentist office. The very nice hygienist calls the girls name. She gets up and walks towards the door. Looking back because her mom was not following, her mom tells her that this is an adult dentist office she is not going back with her. 'VERY NICE' thought the girl.

The girls teeth get cleaned…then trouble starts, the dentist enters!!!! As he has his fingers in her mouth he states, “would you get the parent?”

The mother comes back. The Dentist still has the pick and is poking at the girls teeth.

Dentist “I do not think braces will help. Her jaw appears to be out of alignment.” Stupid dentist put his finger back in the girls mouth as he states “I believe we have to break her jaw…..OWWWWW, little brat let go!!!!!”

Mother “Open your mouth RIGHT NOW!”

The child opens her mouth, glares and says “you probably shouldn’t put your fingers in a person’s mouth and say horrible things.” And then she runs away.

That evening, the girl appears at home and the mother yells “do you know exactly how embarrassed I was? And don’t you ever run away like that again!!! You are lucky your grandmother called me young lady!”

Child “That dentist was a baby. I didn’t bite that hard!”

Mother, “you drew blood!”

Father, laughs “leave her alone. That guy was stupid for having his fingers in her mouth and threatening to break her.”

Mother “That’s it. No more…that is the third dentist she has bitten and has kicked her out. I’m done!”

Have I ever mentioned that I am daddy’s girl…and that was the last time my mom ever took me to the dentist! She refused. I hate the dentist, but I don’t bite them anymore :-)


deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

I can understand hating the dentist. Glad you don't bite them anymore. That dentist was mean, ugh. I hate mean drs of any kind.

My daughter hates her pediatrician, then again we don't like to take her to the dr but she started kicking and screaming at the drs office last week.

Rachel said...

OhmyLord - you BIT them, LOL!

I just sat there and took it... and it wasn't any fun!

Glad to hear you don't bite anymore, ha ha!

Angie Vik said...

Oh my goodness. You poor thing. And your poor mother. And the poor dentist. You all had a hard day. My daughter put up a royal stink when she was little about getting a shot. Talk about embarrassing.

Foursons said...

Oh my gosh, you bit him?! Hahahaha. Did you end up having to have your jaw broken? That sounds extreme.