Thursday, March 11, 2010

One of Those Days

(originally posted Thursday 3/11/2010)

There are some days that you just know you should crawl back into bed and wait for the next was one of those days! It started with the snooze button, always a bad sign, and before I could get into the shower Doodles walks into the bathroom with a bloody nose. No rhyme or reason why, it just started bleeding. I have a bleeder on my hands!!! We run out the door with everything we need for the day and it appears I am only going to be a few minutes late to work. Not bad considering.

Ahhhh, traffic, how you have filled my week with glee! All week the interstate has been a mess for my commute, why would today be any different?!?!? Oy vey. But, I finally arrive at work...only 15 minutes late! Open my email and discover that soccer practice will be held outside - WHAT?!?!?! I did not grab the stuff required for outside soccer practice! I will deal, I will figure it out, I am a mom it's what we do! Work today was...eventful to say the least. I was nominated to take someone's place on an improvement team, I accepted, and then I received a meeting notice for about hitting a girl over the head - yes I did get action items and my head is still spinning. Beyond that, the normal fires and we have our annual conference coming up in a little over a week so I will be traveling again and need to prepare for the conf - thus is the life. Sometime between the fires, the meetings, trying to get ready to implement new procedures I found time to go to the sporting good store to get some outdoor gear for Doodles for today's practice, I needed to buy black socks for him anyway so whatever.

Soccer practice was...COLD!!!! Yes, I didn't have time to go change so I went in my work-wear. I wore the cutest lil mini today...mmmm yeppers great choice! So, I took a chance and went and sat in the car...bad move, Doodles freaked when he realized I wasn't in his eyesight and had an accident. The height of misery for my 6 year old. I feel so bad!!!! Luckily I had his school clothes still in the car. So we got home, I feed him, put him in a nice warm bath...and then the end of bath time came and I fought with him to get him out. Oh yes, I should have never gotten out of bed this morning.

Finally, everything is quiet...the washing machine is almost done and I will be able to go to bed and start all over tomorrow. I haven't told Doodles that his father isn't picking him up until after his game on Saturday yet...because of the teeter totter he goes through of wanting to go/not wanting to go - I admit I'm a chicken :)

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