Monday, February 22, 2010


Worthless unless I am being abused...he tried to say he never said that. I will grant him this, those exact words did not come out of his mouth, but that is the interpretation of the words not just by me but validated by a professional. That professional did not want to validate the word worthless, tried to think of a different spin, but at the end of the day agreed that the words spoken did seem to imply that there was no place in life for me unless I was being abused.

His words: You have taught three men important lessons in life. None of us will abuse another woman because of what we have done to you and learned from you. I appreciate the lesson and thank you so much. I know that you will continue to do good things for others just as you did for me.

Now if someone would be able to explain why a man would say that to a woman who he has abused I would love that! And he said it as if I wanted to hear it; as if it were something ok to say. No, the professional could not explain it other than the man required help. The professional was frankly flabbergasted when first told, I give points for the ability to pull it all together and put some sort of psychological spin to it.

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