Wednesday, July 21, 2010


And who says sitting at an airport is not productive...I got all of the posts put back on here that I had and that were re-sent to me. WOOT, end redundancy period. Back to the regularly scheduled BEEP fest :)

So, sitting in BWI, I tried to get on an earlier flight home......guess what -- all sold out! So, got here before noon will be here until my flight departs at 7:10. Good times!!!! Ah well, I will work a lil bit and play a lil bit and I got here early enough to get a comfy chair so my booty won't be yellin at me so bad. hehehe

Did take time this morning to go over to the Aquarium and see the dolphin show. I was frightened though! With my luck when I am traveling. I'll fill ya in on my trip later when I round it out with the return flight.

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