Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fruit...or is it

Do you remember when blackberries were fruit that grew on bushes? If you lived near the country you could find a bush, pick them and eat em till you got sick...yeah!!! Good times! My grandmother had blackberry bushes...I preferred the raspberries, but I picked the blackberries for her too.

These days, when someone asks about a blackberry the first thing you think of???? BE HONEST!!!!

Yep, me too. I am currently in possession of 2, count them TWO...yes, my job is trying to kill me but it will take more that electronics to do it LOL They cannot win!!!! One more week... :)


Misses M said...

I am happy to say I never had to carry a blackberry! We used cell phones at work, but when we left we passed them along to whoever was taking over for us.

kc said...

Why ya gotta make me jealous huh??? D carries a Droid!!! {it just made me feel better LOL}

One of the phones gets returned to the job I am leaving next week...sad but true fact, the job I am leaving they are already emailing me at the new email "testing" it. ;)