Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Impression - WINNER ;)

My new job starts tomorrow and I feel like garbage...actually more like I got run over a few times and then dropped in a dumpster. Ahhhh, what a first impression I am going to make! Excuse me while I blow my nose and forgive the death warmed over look, I hear it is oh so sexy and the new black!!!! Luckily, the person I report to already knows how awesomely cool I really am. Is it bad form to fall asleep at your desk on your first day in a new position????

OOOOOOOO....but let me share how awesome Doodles is. We were in the car on Friday, I had a headache and I looked like crap I know it. We were waiting on his father to meet up with us and my baby boy, I mean my big kid, blurts out of the're beautiful. I looked at him surprised and was like what? And he tells me, mommy you are beautiful. You have pretty eyes and a pretty smile. sweet and cute is this kid?!?! I think I'll keep him.

(yes, he did think deep thoughts at 2)


Misses M said...

That's so cute!

Maybe your stuffy nose will give you a raspy voice and you can play it off like it's your sultry voice like Phoebe did on that one episode of "Friends".

kc said...

HA! You caught me as I was trying to figure out how old he was in that pix. 2/3 whatever. I finally figured it out...Thank you. He is rather adorable, and that is one of my all time fav pix of him. I mean he looks as if he is trying to figure out the meaning of life ;)

Yeah, sultry...I am going to go with that. The beautiful comment I am holding with me because this morning he asked me why I was white...I had nothing to say beyond we are both white and his comeback was NO, I am the normal color of skin you are really white. LOL

Foursons said...

Aw, what a sweet guy you have!

I have gone back and read all your posts so I could get up to date. I'm so sorry you have gone through all this!

And I totally meant to say "bye" to you at the airport. Sorry for my rude departure.

How in the world did you break both wrists at one time?

kc said...

No worries!!! I know all about airports and when they call the flight you feel the need to go before they change their minds...or is that only me??? hmmm...

Doodles is something...some days its something great and some days, wellllll he is 6 so I allow it ;) accident. Horrible car accident. 2 broken wrists, dislocated shoulder on one side, dislocated elbow on the other, my head was broke, there was some internal stuff...ya know just a day in the life of. :)