Saturday, July 31, 2010

School Daze


OK, I feel much better now. I purchased all of the school supplies that were not already in the year I will hate myself for not getting extra, but I was in and out of that store in 15 minutes! Yes, straight to the "back to school" area then back to stationary supplies because hello index cards for a 1st grader??? AND, someone want to explain the 12 glue sticks...not just glue sticks but WHITE! Elmer's I hate you! All of the Elmer's glue sticks are the disappearing purple so I had to head back to stationary to buy Rose Art (or whatever) which were like a $1 more expensive....wait did I just complain about a dollar???? Whatever, I had to buy 3 pkgs so that is like $3, which means the cost of a happy meal.......if I have to bust out and cook at home, I swear LOL

School clothes...not purchased. He doesn't have uniforms this year, so I am hoping that he can just hang on for the first month or 2 and then we can go get some new clothes. (I would really like him to hang on till Christmas and let Santa take care of it, but prob won't happen...hehehe)


Misses M said...

I left my retail job almost two years ago and I still cringe when back to school (or as we called it, BTS) rolls around. BTS shopping can really bring out the worst in people!

kc said... would have thought I picked up the last pointed scissors in the place. This mother FREAKED out at me, so I calmly kneeled down to one of the THREE boxes full of scissors...dug in and handed her a pointed one. Smiled and walked away. 15 minutes and out!!! Those people only get crazier as the holidays approach!!!!!!! :)