Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel Advisory

It's time for me to fess up...I am the worst, most unlucky traveler in the world! I am sorry to my fellow passengers, to those of you who happen to be trying to sight-see at the same time as me, and/or to those of you unlucky enough to be stuck traveling on the same day/same airline as I am. Yes, you see, it is all my fault! No seriously...those delays mean that you have about a 95.3% chance that I am traveling. Oh, you don't believe me??? You are very kind!!!! Let me tell you about the latest...

I get to the airport for my 3:20 flight to BWI an hour and a half early...yeah, yeah I am a rule follower - and I figured I would grab lunch while I waited! Check my status, looks promising!!! Get done with lunch AND....flight delay, 4:05. Alright, ok...less than an hour, it's all good! I finally boarded my plane a little after 5:30pm! Hey, I am not complaining because I have had worse let me tell you. 2 hours 10 minutes...I'm down!

Tuesday afternoon my colleague and I decide to hit Fort McHenry. Get some of that history edumication. ;) hmmmmmmm, no charge??? OK. We get past the visitor area thingy and into the "inner sanctum" or whatever you want to call it and get stopped on the path into the Fort. WAIT just one cotton pickin minute here. Mr Park Ranger this here Fort closes at 7 or have you not received that news???? Hold up, are those Navy Seals in that boat, and those vehicles look awful familiar....darn it that's Secret Service! WTH?!?!? Oh, looky there, it's Mrs. Obama, her daughters and family minus the President (my hope is he was doing something official that is not ruining my life, but c'mon it's politics so not holding my breathe). OH YES I DID GET HELD THERE! 15 minutes later they let us go into the fort, but only part way...then we were held up again. It ended up being pretty funny because I actually don't mind making a complete a@@ of myself. We finished touring Fort McHenry, went back to the Harbor area and guess who we run into again!!!! OY VEY.....I was about ready to ask for an itinerary so I could go the other way ;)

(I tried very hard not to take a pix of her because hello rude she is with her family making her kids get a lil history just like our parents did to us and we do to our kids. This is actually of those guys behind the car....I totally love those outfits and want one. I would look really cute in that hat, yep I would rock it out!!!)

So, Wednesday comes and I am not scheduled for the meetings so I hit the aquarium in the morning - awesome!!! And then go over to the airport to see if I can get an earlier flight out. Original flight is scheduled for 7:10. I get to the airport about 12:30ish...check in and at the time all flights are booked, and running on time. Have we all guessed that this is not going to go well. 7 hours in an airport is just not enough for me....Let's just cut to the chase and tell you that I had no luck getting on one of those earlier flights and my flight didn't leave until 8:35pm.

Please do not get me wrong, this was a fantastic trip by my standards!!!! Whew, I would never, no no way....I mean that is just not nice to tell you about a bad trip. I am just warning you, if you hear that I am traveling, try not to travel on those days :)

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