Sunday, November 14, 2010

Birthday Party

It was a day to celebrate. He turned 7...only because I couldn't stop it! I took matters into my own hands and for the first time in his life we had a proper birthday party for him. He believes that both of us chipped in to throw that party and that is how it shall remain, but I am exhausted and broke until payday and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world. If anyone deserves to celebrate with his friends it is the funniest, nicest kid on the planet (I keep telling you people that I am not at all biased in my opinion). He has had some hard knocks the last few years and just keeps being an amazingly wonderful little man and that is nothing short of a miracle. So, today we celebrated with his friends from school.

After lunch and cake there was swimming. Lots of swimming. the kids and parents went down before I did, including Doodles and A. I was taking presents to the car, finishing paying for the party...ya know doing the mom thing. One of my friends from church came to the party and was leaving...we were outside talking and I received a text message that said "Doodles was just saved by a lifeguard."

At the RecPlex they have this pretty cool 'Vortex' whirlpool thing that Doodles decided to experience with his friends. Apparently he got sucked into the middle of it and went under and was not strong enough to kick out of it. Sooooo..... a lifeguard had to hop into the water and pull him out. OY! Luckily that didn't scare him at all. He was jumping off the 3 M platform, the 3 M springboard and had a blast the rest of the day...They started swimming shortly before 1pm and I finally convinced him that going home was a good thing a little after 4pm. Him and his friend D were the last 2 standing. Good times were had by all. I think 7 is off to a really great start.

Now, I am off to kick some 7 year old booty at arm is going to fall off! Do you think a Wii injury is reason enough to call in and take a few sick days from work? :-)


M said...

Oooh, that looks like fun! Scary stuff, him getting pulled under water... thank goodness he wasn't phased by it. Kids often don't realize the seriousness in situations like that. I'm happy everyone had a good time... if everyone left happy, then being broke until payday is worth it.

kc said...

I wasn't around...I wasn't scared at all HEHEHE.

Yeah, I kinda figure...I do not care about the money. Not this year!!! If anyone deserves it this kid does!!!!!!! :-)