Monday, November 15, 2010

trouble on the home front...

Home. Why, yes I am thank you for if someone would be ever so helpful and remind me what exactly are those things for, I believe they are called appliances???? You know the ones in that one room...hmmmm, kitchen I think......big, square, ya open it and it is cold...mine is apparently to hold water. Is it supposed to hold something else beyond water and capri sun? EEEEEEEeeeeee, I may be in trouble here.

I also have this closet looking thing...are any of you familiar? It has Halloween candy still in the trick or treat bag and a bottle of ketchup. There is supposed to be other stuff in there too, huh? SQUUEEEE....beyond trouble.

I believe there is a store that those with domesticated tendencies frequent. I wonder if they deliver. Yeah, ok, so I will pretend for at least a minute or 5 that I am a mother and go to that place....have I ever mentioned how much I dislike the --- shudder --- grocery store? {I will also let you all know that my local grocery store does deliver, but only to the elderly or incapacitated....I could pull that off. WHAT??? Don't judge, getting in the car and going, eventually, maybe tomorrow.}


M said...

Hehe! Can't you just fake a twitch or tick or something when you answer the door for your grocery delivery? Make the delivery person uncomfortable enough that they unload the groceries and GTFO without questioning your condition.

kc said...

for the gorcery store -- that twitch is not fake!!!!