Friday, November 19, 2010

Letters of Intent - What's Going On


Dear A..., seriously - now that I moved out here at your request you are going to go back on everything you said as you were pretty much forcing my hand???? All I need is the truth...may I remind you that I have no family down here and all of my friends/babysitters lived on the other side of the river - 45 minutes away!!!! But, I am still expected to play the nice girl???? Really?

Yeah, we are busy those days too

Dearest Doodles...

You are my heart and soul, but if you continue to stay up until all hours of the night I am going to seriously rethink my punishment scheme. I will not be yelled at by the daycare for getting you there "at the last minute" because you refuse to get up.

love you so much,
The Mommy who is as tired as you are

Hey Daycare!

What's up??? FYI...I pay you. Actually I pay you a lot of money, so hows about you NOT yell at me. And ummmmmm, if you would be ever so kind as to not tell me when to bring my kid in or when not to that would be great. I mean, I do pay for before and after school care which means I can drop him off anytime before 7:30am...yeah, that means 7:29 if I am running that late. I do appreciate you caring so much, really I do! But, let's just not do this whole nit-pick at the mother thing. Thanks so much!!



Foursons said...

OK, who is this A character and why does he get to be such a brat?

I can't believe the daycare is being that way about what time you drop your kid off. They need to take a step back and get a grip on reality.

Good luck w/that sleep thing. Nolan does the same thing to me.

Thanks for linking up this week!

Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

I went back and read your previous posts, and cannot even being to fathom the crap you have been through.

And as far as A?? I'd move right back to where I was if he's going back on his word. You're divorced now. He needs to see that he has no more power or control over you. I say that because that's what my ex needed to see from me...even though he didn't know it.

Good luck to you.

deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

Sorry about the whole daycare thing. I know all about the sleep thing and I hope it gets better for you.

M said...

I can't believe the daycare thinks they can treat you that way! Like you said, you're paying them to take care of your kid. WTF? I don't get it.

As for A, well... maybe we need to reconsider that ding-dong ditch plan we were talking about a while ago...

kc said...

A would be the exe, or soon to be as soon as I am a certified resident...hmmm, I am already certifiable but I guess that doesn't count :)

Shah - daycare!!! Whatev I will continue to do what I do and continue to roll my eyes at them!!!

M...ding dong ditch LOL! We shall see what the doc says on Tues. I'm sure there will be reason enough in a few months!!!