Tuesday, November 9, 2010

C'est le vie

Back in Boston...la la la! There are some days when I just want to be at home and this is one of those weeks. Doodles birthhday is Friday, we are having his party on Sunday. I don't really think that is the whole reason that I want to be home...I think I am just exhausted right now.

Let me tell ya'll, new boy is a tad bit more work than I think I am willing to put up with. I talked to one of my best male friends today and 'splained the situation and he told me to give the boy one more shot...call and leave the rest in new boys hands. My whole take on new boy is he takes things day by day -- I am super busy with work, child, travel...I need to be a planner. I have very little free time for a day by day kinda relationship. If new boy is not the boy for me, it's not a big loss for me.......is that bad??? It's probably bad, but there is always another new boy right around the corner. Yeah, bad.

C'est le vie.

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