Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Boss

Mommy - "My sheet is ripped. You get all the good things in life"

Doodles - "Nuh uh, you do!"

Mommy - "yeah, I do! I get to kiss you."

Doodles - "Well yes. But you you get to be the BOSS and that is the best thing."

Mommy - "the boss is the best? nah, kissing and hugging you is the best"

Doodles - giggles and walks away (under his breathe) "being the boss is the best best"


Rachel said...

He will learn after being a parent - that really and truly, the best of the best is not being the boss - you were right! :)

Foursons said...

I was going to concur w/the boy and say being the boss is pretty cool but Rachel's comment makes me sound like a schmuck. So nevermind.

M said...


M said...

PS: I also thought that being the boss was the best best until I actually *was* a boss... turns out I didn't really like having all that power... knowing that one little decision could really hurt someone. Being the mommy is way better than being the boss!

kc said...

I hate decisions...seriously, I decided it today when I was trying to juggle the calendar. So, would it be totally irresponsible to let the 7 year old be the boss and I get all the kisses, which is the best anyway :)