Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Unglamorous Travel Life

Being me has become difficult to the nth degree. Not because of the drama...let's just keep that on the back burner. I am entirely too busy to deal with those schmucks (thanks Julie, I forgot what a fun word that is) at the moment. Let's discuss work (WHAT???) I know, I don't talk about it much. So we have discussed my dastardly travel woos in the past....welllllllll, my calendar has become my mortal enemy! OK, maybe that is a little harsh.

My calendar and I are so not on speaking terms right now. It totally refuses to add days. I need a day or two to be added...not to every month, just to March and maybe April. Not my fault that some of those people I work with need a little TLC and they are located in various locations.

Scheduled Trips:
  1. Florida - 4 days
  2. Cincinnati - 1 day then onto Boston for 2 days
  3. NYC - 4 days
  4. Cincinnati - 3 days
  5. Los Angeles - 4 days
  6. Cincinnati - 4 days
  7. NYC - 4 days
  8. Canada - 5 days
All of these trips have purposes in place....Mondays are my school days. I need to fit in another trip to Boston. All of these trips are between now and the second week of April -- yeah, it doesn't compute for me either.......that is why I am just asking for another few days to be put in the month. OY!!! The next two months are going to be interesting to say the least. I am putting my calendar to bed and will wrestle with it again tomorrow.

Have I ever told you how much I adore people who tell me that I am so lucky to travel so much. This is the unglamorous side of travel. Between all of this air time I need to fit this guy in:

Parent/Teacher Conference tomorrow...........yes, I will be nice ;) Mommy is my most important job. The pay is WAAAAYYYYYY better! Seriously, this evening alone I have been told I am pretty, and received 3 kisses & 2 hugs. There is no better payment -- seriously, look at him!


Rachel said...

Wow - that is an insanely hectic schedule!

I like the fun of being in a new place, but enjoy being back in my own bed too!

And Verizon does have a text only plan, but they require a regular "speaking" plan with those iPhones - which totals $99 a month for the cheapest one. So deaf people are gonna pay through the nose to be able to get a phone with apps :(

Foursons said...

How did the conference go?

I don't know how you travel so much. I am such a homebody that I would have a panic attack not being in my home for that length of time.