Monday, February 28, 2011

The Tornado (siren) that Brought Peace

I have an important update...Blankie has been found!!! And, yes given back to the 7 year old because still to this day I get the whiney 'I want blankie' episodes. It has been 2 months and I am not super mom...I am WEAK!

Last night, we had strong storms. I went to get the boy and put him in my bed. I just thought it a good idea with tornado warnings and all that jazz going on. About 11:30ish the tornado sirens start going off......I have mentioned that I live in an upstairs, 2 bedroom apartment, right??? So, I did what any sane, rational (tired, overworked) mother would do and I moved my shoes....and what do I find behind the suitcase as I was tossing the shoes over there -- BLANKIE, woo hoo!!!! I made a little bed in the closet for us, and we went to sleep. That's not wrong is it??? No windows, interior of the house and my clothes protected our heads............ok, well sorta. Anyway, I digress...thank you tornado, you have brought peace to the household once again. Happiness to the mother, glee to the child, and an endless amount of 'do you really need blankie' days ahead. I thank you, from the bottom of my mothers heart I thank you!!!!

The storms were not too bad here. A few shingles off the roof. Nothing like my old neighborhood where there are reports of a tree on a roof and many fences missing.


M said...

Hooray for finding blankie!

I do not miss the tornado drama! I spent more time than I wanted to sitting my my grandma's basement thanks to tornadoes. I thinking sleeping in the closet was perfectly reasonable!

Foursons said...

Jakob still has his lovie and he is 9. I figure he'll give it up when he is ready too. I'm sure it won't go to college with him. :)

kc said...

Sleeping in the closet was a little bit of a kick in the shin, a small elbow to the head.....its a good thing I don;t sleep well.

Eh, if blankie goes to college with him, he is the one that will have to explain not me ;)