Sunday, February 13, 2011

Growth, Wireless Bravado or Stupidity

Growth, Wireless bravado or Stupidity??? Well now, we all know that my stupidity knows no bounds so pair that with a little wireless bravado and we get today's action packed scene.

I went to pick up Doodles, who incidentally was outside with no shoes or jacket, asked him where his jacket was in that 'I'm your mother and don't you dare answer just get your jacket' tone. Yeah, it is nice outside, but not nice enough for my 7 year old to play outside shoeless, no jacket in a short sleeve shirt.

A, decides that I am a bitch, tells me so and tells me to get the F#^* off his property. I tell him I am done with him hanging up on me and with his attitude, and I am there to get my child. He tells me to wait in my F'kn car. Fine! OK! I get Doodles booster seat ready and send a text to A letting him know that he better not ever pick my child up without a booster seat again because I will turn him in for child endangerment. There will be no extra outings, or extra days...and once the divorce is finalized that visitation schedule will be in force. I will not work with him at all.

I receive a message (outside of the text messages above) stating that "I have been controlling my temper very well! But if u think u r going to come into my house and act like a bitch u r totally wrong. You will never do that!"

To which I replied (once again hello stupidity alert) "what are you going to do rape me again? throw me against another wall? hit me again? don't try to scare me - you have already done it all and I am no longer afraid of you. I just don't want our kid to find out what type of jerk you really are."

Seriously, you want to know what started all of this...Doodles was supposed to have a boy scout banquet. I dropped him off at his father's before church. I received a message that Doodles threw a fit and was embarrassing and that A would never take him anywhere again. Further in our text conversation A tells me he is limited in on what he and his child can do together because of the way Doodles acts....he is not going to allow Doodles to embarrass him.

Here is a little tip -- be the father. OH Wait, I have already given that tip to him and he doesn't want to hear it. His house, his rules!!!!!


Foursons said...

Sorry you had such a horrible encounter w/him. Sometimes adults who are stupid ought to be lined up in front of a firing squad.

M said...

OMG, what a JERK. Is there any way that you can work it into the divorce/custody agreement that A attend a parenting class or two or twenty? And maybe he could attend an anger management class or two while he's at it?

ModernMom said...

Oh how difficult. No one needs that kind of drama.