Thursday, February 17, 2011


Downward spiral...tears. Lots of tears. I cried on the way home from Bible study rhyme or reason, just BAM! All of a sudden my vision is blurry with tears and they start to fall down my face. I have cried myself to sleep twice this week. I woke up last night with my pillow damp, the flow still going.

I am trying to stop the spiral. Listening to upbeat music. Working, working, working. Doing whatever I can to think those upbeat thoughts. I know what comes next...I am trying so hard to divert it.

Hopelessness, darkness, helplessness, until it gets so bleak......I am trying, but the tears won't stop.


Rachel said...

He is close to the brokenhearted. I'm so sorry. All I know is that HE knows the big picture and what is coming next. And I know that He cares for me - some days that is enough.

Shell said...

Sending you prayers.

M said...

Thinking of you and hope you feel back to yourself soon. I think it's important to let yourself feel whatever emotions you need to feel... just remember that lots of people love you and I'm always available for a cry/vent/laugh/whatever session when you need me.

Foursons said...

He is the hospital for the brokenhearted. Hang in there girl, this too shall pass.