Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mother Nature & Sleep Deprivation

Mother Nature, I thought you and I were peeps?!?!? You have always been pretty good to me...can we speak for a second about thunderstorms??? We had a pretty sweet deal going, but I am going to request that it be changed. Yes, I am still afraid of those things -- ehhhh thunderstorms --- but the boy child is FRIGHTENED of them. So, that deal where the thunderstorms happened after I was asleep was great, awesome, loved it...when I was younger and did not have the boy. They don't wake me up, there was no fear.........but Mother Nature, let me tell you storms wake the child up. As for me, what does wake me up is the terrified shriek, the full out run into my room and BLAM the loss of oxygen as happened last night and over the course of the last several years.

Now, I am not one to complain overly much about the weather...but seeing as it is my 36th birthday today (BTW Thank you Julie for the birthday wishes), I am no spring chicken. I am more of a summer one - not yet ready for the frying pan, but definitely can use my beauty sleep. You know, from our past discussion of thunderstorms only after sleepy time that I am good -- but once awake I cannot fall back asleep if there is a show like last night. (It was spectacular, if not heartstoppingly scary)!!! Doodles on the other hand, once I got him settled went right back to sleep. I bet I'll have the bruises from the elbow in the neck, the kick in the side, the headbutt and the various smacks from my eventful little sleeper.......hmmmm, maybe the thunderstorm had very little to do with my not going back to sleep, BUT indirectly it is the storms fault.

So, could we start having these thunderstorm events during waking hours would be fantastic (but not while I am due to travel, that would be kinda suckish)??? If you would make it so the power goes out until they call it a day I would not complain. I will mask my fear, I will be strong! Thank you for your time Mother Nature. I know you have so many more things to do than listen to me negotiate changes to the thunderstorm deal. XOXOXOXOXO


M said...

Happy Birthday, Chocolate Chip! Love ya!

Foursons said...

Oh I hope Mother Nature listens to you! My kids freak out about bad storms too but they will sleep right through them at night. (As will I.)

And you're welcome. :)