Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Morther Nature, You Trickster

Has springtime been forgotten??? That spring thing from the last blog was all over my facebook because my family all live up north --- most in Wisconsin, some in Canada, some in get the picture.......I am the southern girl and I don't live that far south ;)

This is was started the entire forgotten spring:

Green Bay got 9.9 inches of snow I promise I am not laughing. Because while they deal with that, there have been so many tornadoes this year that I have stopped hearing the sirens....seriously, I didn't hear them yesterday, Doodles was playing outside and ran into the house telling me how windy it was and that there was loud noises "that was annoying". OY! Thankfully he was just playing on the balcony and not out on the playground, minor fail... The weather this year is WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!

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Helene said...

You can say that again! The weather has been very strange! Usually by now it's in the 80's and sunny every day but it's been nothing but gray and gloomy skies!