Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LGA, AA, TSA...its the acronym post

After my return flight on Thursday, I will never, may I repeat NEVER, fly through LaGuardia Airport ever again as long as I shall live!!! There is a reason it is the worst in the US.

To begin, let me say that I am ashamed of myself. I fully understand that TSA is there to protect us and the United States. They are just doing the jobs they are tasked to do and I was completely rude. For that I am sorry and there is no way for me to apologize to the people that were on duty that day.

I flew American Airlines to Boston thru LGA. After going through security at my home airport I bought a bottle of water...they do not sell 20 oz bottles, they sell the large Liter bottles and they are EXPENSIVE, as anyone who travel is well aware. So, we land at LGA in Gate D and my connecting flight is taking off less than 45 minutes later out of Gate C....for those of you that are unaware, when you change Gates at the crapfest that is LaGuardia Airport you get to go through security again. Pretty much you take more than 10 steps at the joy that is that airport you go through security. WHAT??? TSA doesn't allow water bottles through??? Crazy talk!!! So, I put my water bottle on top of my bag and I didn't do the whole security thing I normally do...gave both my boarding passes to the TSA person on the other side of the metal detector. They asked about the water and I got really rude and told them with many expletives that I have already gone through security once that day and I have run from one gate to this one and bought that water inside my home airport......whatever just throw the $5 bottle of water away.

So, I sent American Airlines a very nice note telling them that when they are scheduling connecting flights through that crap airport they should try to keep them in the same gate area...or possible work with LGA and/or the TSA at LGA on the issues of people with connecting flights with no time being allowed their water/soda bottles......general public cannot do anything but an airlines should be able to.

So, I know it is not TSA's fault, they are enforcing the rules across the board! Is it American Airlines for poor planning on where connecting flights go out OR is it LGA for not being set up in a consumer friendly way??? Seriously, LaGuardia is NOT set up very nicely......I don't understand why there is TSA as you go into each of the gate areas instead of the airport. My home airport once you go through security you can get to all of the gates...you can even get to the other terminal if you need to WITHOUT going through security again, it's kinda a pain in the ass if you don't know where you are going but you can do it. Even crappy O'Hare you can get by with only going through security one time and if you are just connecting there is no need for a TSA visit.

I know I will never plan a trip through LGA again....should I be boycotting American too for their stupidity?!?!?! This trip frustrated me! Please don't remind me that I have to return....same routing..............UGH

UPDATE: The non-response...I would share, but - "The information in this email is confidential and is intended solely for the addressee(s); access to anyone else is unauthorized. If this message has been sent to you in error, do not review, disseminate, distribute or copy it. If you are not the intended recipient, please delete this email from your email system." -And I am a big believer in it, so I will give you the cliff notes version...we got we don't really care but we have to respond because you checked the respond to me button. Ummm, it said American Airlines followed through in an effort to share my feedback....that would be business man speak for we read it, rolled our eyes and responded before deleting. WHATEVER American Airlines. You still suck as bad as LaGuardia Airport.


Misses M said...

What!? I would boycott American, too. Effers!

kc said...

Yeppers looks like American Airlines is off my radar as viable airline option. BWEE!

Foursons said...

We flew out of LaGuardia when leaving NYC. It was definitely easier, but we didn't make a ocnnection there. Just got on a plane and left.

Sorry about the hassle.

kc said...

LGA is a pit...for direct flights it is awesome because they have security set up at the gates so you kinda breeze through, but the rodents are EWWWWW and it needs an update. I dont think I can really hold them responsible as much as I can AA for bad planning. I will be avoiding it as much as possible though :)