Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Man...

It's Raining, It's Pouring...OMG is it STORMING. My flight is supposed to leave in approximately 2 hours. There are a few things I would like to point out here if we can take but one moment in time. I have no issues traveling for my employment, I have no issues with a little turbulence, BUT I really prefer if I am going to die a fiery death to be able to see the ground rushing up at me so I can pen those last emails. Oh yes I would connect and start typing...the blackberry would connect upon getting close to the ground and my last goodbyes would go out - is it frightening to anyone that I have thought about it?!?!?! No, good :)

So, old man if you would please quiet down until I get out east I would greatly appreciate it. Mother Nature, PLEASE untwist the panties and lets just have a little tea ok. Love you!!! {since I believe God controls all things, I'm sorry I missed church last night and that I am traveling this morning!! You know whats in my much, much love}

Off to the airport to hear that my plane is either delayed or canceled....see ya peeps. Have a great day!


Misses M said...

Heh... I think if I did a lot of traveling I'd probably have my goodbyes planned out, too. Love the "untwist the panties" thing... too funny. I hope your flight didn't get delayed!

kc said...

Nope, left on time with a blue sky...we flew between storms. Apparently the panties untwisted a bit hehehe