Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Menopause....or maybe not

OMG...I think I am going through Menopause. Ok, maybe not...but maybe! Alright, perhaps I am just coming down with a cold, but I had the worst most awful hot flash - well, more like night sweats last night. I even turned off the heat and turned on the AC!!!! UGH, the sweat was so gross...maybe because I don't really sweat normally, but it felt like buckets of I played a soccer match last night. I slept horribly bad!!!! {today I am freezing once again, my fingers may just break off as I type they are so cold. I will be the no fingered blogger, typin with my toes or my nose!!! hmmmm, I will look very funny with no fingers -- have I mentioned it is in the high 80s at home, here low 60s??? It is still summer in my part of the world....I didn't bring a jacket :)}.

So, that's where I am at's things going in the rest of the world????


Misses M said...

LOL... I had a hot flash last week! I'd be so hot, kick off all the blankets, and then be freezing... lather, rinse, repeat. Thankfully that doesn't happen often. I do not look forward to menopause.

Life is rather uneventful right now, which is kinda nice. Oh, I was just thinking... you wouldn't have to type with your nose or toes if your fingers fell off... you could hold a pencil in your mouth and use it to press the keys!

kc said...

My next post will be done without the use of my fingers...typos be damned :)

Seriously - the hot and cold need to stop!!!! drives me insane.