Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Sunday......Happy Reformation Day.......ok, I'll play along Happy Halloween!

It is only 3:00 and I just want to go to bed....I feel as if I have already put in a full day. Church, lunch date, fits from Doodles (before church, before I dropped him off at his dads, ya know I think staying up watching Harry Potter may not have been such a great idea....), I have worked some.....ahhhh, I am just sleepy now. BUT, Doodles is due to be dropped off at 7 and we are to drive over to my friends, I am to have my laundry done and be packed for the trip. Who gave anyone to pack 2 full days into one???

Here is an update on new boy...I have failed in the scaring him off thing. We are still going strong and have plans for a few weeks from now.....future plans???? Oh my!


M said...

Future plans? Hmmm... sounds like this boy's up to the challenge.

kc said...

don't get all excited...those plans could always go up in smoke LOL (says me of little faith)