Saturday, December 18, 2010


Doodles helped me finish wrapping presents this morning. He was the 'taper'. Man are those presents taped up. Maybe not securely, but they have plenty of tape on them!

He also helped me clean. I will clean the living room on Monday after I take him to daycare. I love it when he helps me, but why do all of his toys have to come out of his room????? things that make a Mommy go HMM.

Whilst cleaning the kitchen he discovered candy and decided that he should have some......yeah, we are done now. It's movie time.

Tomorrow we are going to see the lights and spend time with friends. I hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend.

UPDATE....I have an important announcement to make. We have a missing blankie on our hands. It looks just like this (the only difference is the child's bigger and its much more EWWW cuz it just doesn't come clean any more):

Yes, he has had it for that you can understand the issue! Blankie, please report back IMMEDIATELY!!!!


M said...

I haven't had a blanket sighting, but OMG was he ever a cute lil baby!

kc said...

Not having that blankie is killin me!!!! KILLIN Me and bedtime is coming.

M said...

I can actually remember how attached I was to my own blankie when I was little (it's name was me-me). One time it was forgotten at a friend's house and my mom had to drive across town to pick it up so I'd go to sleep. I had it until I was 6... and my cat had kittens on it. No more blankie after that. Poor Doodles... I hope the blankie is recovered.

kc said...

UGH! It took forever to get him to sleep last night. He does pretty good without it unless he is feeling anxious or tired then he grabs it when he is watching tv or whatever...blankie come home!!!!!