Sunday, March 13, 2011

Co-Sleeping Commentary

I had a short chit-chat with A this evening. Topic, co-sleeping. Reason....apparently his 18 year old daughter moved in. So, it appeared to be the time to have a talk. If room and a bed was found for an adult, then a bed could be found for his 7 (almost 8 year old child). Doodles does not need his own room, there are other boys in the house that, in my mind, could share a room w/ Doodles. That would be fine.

I have nothing against co-sleeping up to a certain point, I actually think it is healthy for the child and the parents - especially the mother. But, after a certain age it just gets creepy. A child needs their own space to do those things that human beings do. Especially boys, if mine is anything to go by. He is 7 and I have found him after bath touching parts of his body for no other reason than "Mommy, it feels weird." [No, no, no....I need more time before this particular topic needs to be discussed and that whole thing - denial runs strong in me I can withstand at least another few months!!!!!! Just how does one talk to a boy about these things???? UGH HELP!?!?!?! yes I will admit to the BIG FAIL, and tell you that I told him not to touch himself.] Not only that, but I believe it assists in achieving a good nights sleep, and to have that one place they can run to when it all gets to be too much. A child NEEDS a space after a certain age. In my opinion, that age is 6 or 7 (I put my foot down at 5 - he was no longer able to sleep with me just because he wanted to)......after that co-sleeping should be based on fear or special circumstances.

But, apparently, those other boys in that house run the house. Refusal to share a room with Doodles. So, it is co-sleep or have his father sleep on the couch. Ridiculous situation. I think the co-sleeping situation is bordering on creepy.....but the fact they are letting a pre-teen and teenager rule the house is just poor parenting.


M said...

Ugh! A fails again!!! There is something fundamentally wrong with him, am I right?

As for Doodle's... um... situation... I have no advice. usually has good parenting advice for kids of all ages, so you may want to check the message boards there.

kc said...

I don't really have to answer that do I??? A portion of this blog answers that question ;)

As far as little boys growing up -- yeah, I will be starting to visit the blogs, websites and getting the books on how to explain things soon...I just want a few more months of denial :)