Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a Sickness

Sick...I do not do sick well. Migraines, sure. I don't like them but I am used to them. Depression, ok. I can deal with it.

But the fire behind the eyes. The nose thing. Coughs and achy muscles. What is that??? I have no time to pick a fight with death.....he happens to be knocking at my door and I am stubborn enough to not answer --- Too busy I yell! Meanwhile, my eyes really just want to close and curling up under my blankie would be nice.

School you say. Yes. Must go to school. I won't whine, I want to, but I won't. I will buck up and not whine.

While I try and convince myself that this is just a lil ole cold and nothing more....ya'll should check out Once Upon a Miracle and her huge CSN Giveaway. Things I Can't Say is giving away Just Dance 2, and I know there is more but I ammmmmm siiiiiiicccccckkkkkkk........

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