Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gems like these

Doodles was dropped off a little while ago and we are watching Wizards of Waverly Place together...a wizard just told Alex and her werewolf boyfriend they had to break up.

Doodles, "It's their relationship. He needs to get out of their love life." Oh and the seriousness of it all was too much for me!!!!

BWAHAHAHAHA.....I am sorry, but it is gems like these that crack me up! He is 7 and spouting his disgust for nosiness already. And, the knowledge about relationships????? Not from too many Nick a/o Disney TV shows I think...

Yep, he can make me laugh no matter how down I am!


M said...

Haha... just wait until Doodles and Abby are having Skype conversations.

kc said...

How funny will those be?!?!?!?!