Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Safe in God's Love

I have had a conversation with a friend about pain/suffering and God. She posted this quote, "You must choose character over comfort in order to experience true joy." This got me thinking that maybe people viewed pain as character. It was a thought provoking statement. Then others said things that pointed towards blaming God for pain and suffering in their lives. I cannot tell you how much that BOTHERS me! Why believe in a God who causes you pain? Who wants to believe in someone like that? God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son (John 3:16). God loves us! All of us, He does not want to cause us pain and suffering. It is people who cause pain. It is mankind that are to blame for the suffering, not God!

I have had a lot of pain in my life, I have suffered; I shared some of it on this blog, but that pain is not God's fault. My pain was caused by my sin or the sins of others. I shared this with my friend - I do not think God ALLOWS me to suffer....I never blame God for my suffering. I think that He does take those things that happen and uses them to as proof that HIS plan works and that with Him all good things can come....and if He can use the stuff the I (yes I) cause then wow, yes use me. How could I ever ask for forgiveness of my sins if I thought God was to blame for the things that I go through....that I cause??? I couldn't because I would be too busy saying I am going through this because of God. That is not how it happens - I am the cause of my sin which is the cause of my pain and suffering. God is the reason I am forgiven and the reason that I am able to get through -- He gives me the strength I need and ensures I know He is there.

I think those that blame God need to take a second look and really wonder how they can ask for forgiveness - if its not their fault what do they need to be forgiven for???? They need to realize that God is not to blame and is not the cause of their suffering and pain. Sins of the world, people cause pain.

I think that by sharing my story with others God is allowing that pain and suffering to be used to show how His love and redemptive plan can work in a person's life. If I can make it through all of the things that I have shared with faith, love, forgiveness and the knowledge that God has never forsaken me that may help someone out there realize just how great God's will is. Maybe they will see that they too can be safe in God's love...

Safe, Natalie Grant


Rachel said...

I don't know. I'm pretty comfortable with the idea that I will NEVER know all of the answers to my "why" questions while here on earth. There is no single person who has the whole thing figured out.

I can believe that God always, ALWAYS has my best interests at heart (sometimes my Character, more than my Comfort), and that He loves me beyond belief. And that nothing that happens to me is outside of His control.

I believe that He makes all things new - even the things that I have destroyed, others have destroyed, and things that the enemy has destroyed.

I actually do believe that God will allow suffering into our lives sometimes. Job is my example, also Paul's "thorn in his flesh". And I have no earthly reason for my hearing loss - no spiritual reason. Except that if God wanted to do something through it ("it" being something painful), then THAT is more important to me than going through life as a fully hearing person.

The belief that God sometimes allows suffering, must always be tempered with the unwavering belief that HE LOVES US and has the big picture... He knows how it all fits together in the end.

I don't neccessarily disagree with what you said, I don't have to - we can love eachother while both being members of the same body of Christ. I am grateful for you.

kc said...

ah Rachel, I am grateful for you too!

You are not blame casting on God for the things that happened in your life. You are just saying they are what they are....at least that is the way I read that comment.

I don't have the answers, I agree with you that no one does...we can just look to the Bible. It is very clear that God will send an angel down to tell us when/if we are being disciplined. I have never trembled in fear before an angel, so I can rest assured that the things in my life were not God-caused. I can be sure that there is some other reason, and He is only the reason for love and strength. I guess it just bothers me that God is getting a bad rap when for the most part its not Him, it is us.

Shell said...

I think that you explained a very difficult topic perfectly. I don't believe it's God's fault, either.

Rachel said...

Maybe I'm not looking at the same verses? Would love to understand where you see the angels/discipline reference? Just curious because I've never heard it explained that way before.

God bless you - give you strength and peace through this week!