Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Break-up

In with a bang...ok, well not really a bang unless you count the very loud thump as I smacked it.

C'mon, just 1 more year! No, okay lets compromise!!! I am a reasonable human being, how about we give this just one more try. You give me a good solid 6 more months and then we will call it quits. I will never ask for anything else again...I will find you a nice, quiet place and take you there in a dignified manner. NO!!! FINE! I don't need you then and you can darn sure forget dignity. These last 7 years we have had some hard days....we have gone through some dirt, some grime, but we did it together! I was there for you through all the breaks, when you were tied was ME who fixed you, who untangled you! And you have the unmitigated gall to do this to me on New Year's Day???? You cannot give me even 3 more months to work something out? To recover from the holidays???? You are cruel, some would even say inanimate. Blow up, don't work see if I care....maybe, just maybe I will turn to Dyson....oh yeah, you heard me! I said it. Maybe I have been planning it all along. I don't need you any longer, I will move on to a newer, better version of you. You are going in the TRASH!!!!!!

Yes my bloggie friends, I have just let you see a very emotional conversation that I had with my vacuum yesterday. I am emotionally drained...I don't know how I will recover from this break-up. But, I did get all the Christmas decorations put away......all I can say is at least vacuum didn't do this to me during spring cleaning. That damage would never be reversed :)

First large purchase of 2011...Vacuum. But what kind???? I have some shopping to do....I have a few weeks to make up my mind.

(my child is a nut job!! he is playing with the tie to my bathrobe -- his shirt, his tie, his sari, and numerous other things. Imagination run amok)

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