Tuesday, January 18, 2011

True Story Tuesday: Travel FAIL

True Story Tuesday brought to us by Rachel and Mr. Daddy

It has been awhile since we shared a laugh over my misadventures in traveland...not because there have not been any, but because I have been crazy busy and my mind has been occupied with other things. Well, today my friends, was something special!

I woke up this morning late, if a person can consider 3:45 am late. This morning it was! My flight was boarding at 5:50 am, and I had last minute things to do this morning. (Class last night didn't end until a little after 10:00 pm and I had to pack). After a very fast shower, I grabbed my things and rushed to my car; It was 4:59 am. I get to the only stop light between me and the highway that actually works before 6 in the morning and it is red. Still red...c'mon it has been 3 minutes and that dumb light is still red?!?!?! I take a look at the time, and decide I am going to work around the light. I start reversing the car, and the light changes...yep, should have told me how this day was going to go.

I arrive at the airport terminal at 5:27 am. I look at the line waiting for security.......maybe it won't be so bad. Thankfully, TSA opened up another gate. I got through security by 5:43 am, only to find out my gate was WAY at the end of the terminal. I walked, quickly, through the airport and got to the gate as they were calling my boarding group. WHEW...no worries!!! Heading to Miami and there will not be delays out of there, so I should get to my final destination without a problem.

Landing at Miami International airport, I check my phone as we are taxing to the gate. A message from my mother, "your airline called and said your flight out of Miami was canceled. They have you re-booked." WHAT? Canceled?!?! That is way worse than delayed. Oh my, what am I going to find when I get off of this plane?

I get to the customer service counter and kindly ask what flight I have been booked on. Answer, we have you booked on a flight to Hartford (BDL) tomorrow morning. Ummm, excuse me - is there anything out today? Well, we could put you on a flight to San Juan which has a connecting flight to BDL at 7:00 pm. But, {there is always a but when I travel} so far everything into and out of BDL has been canceled. HA! Needless to say, I didn't feel like getting stuck in Puerto Rico...hard to explain on an expense report. I am a problem solver I will figure something out. LaGuardia...flights are being canceled and the ones that are not are full. JFK...full of passengers originally destined for LGA, and delayed! Boston...we all remember how much I love Logan International right (and the fact I got smacked there)??? Yeah, my boss said no way is he allowing me to fly into Boston and drive down to Bridgeport, CT. Too dangerous. Hmmmm -- thats like all the airports that are within driving distance that have flights out of Miami.

Miami is sunny, 70 degrees. I was on standby for the flight tomorrow...did I really want to be stuck in Miami for possibly 2 days? The weather in CT doesn't look so hot for the traveler in me (you know the one: delays, cancellations). So, I re-booked a flight back to St Louis.

Yep, thanks for the Frequent Flyer Miles! I spent 6 hours in the air today...and didn't get anywhere. DOES THAT HAPPEN???? I mean I have been on same day trips, but there is usually a business meeting or something. Is it just me that can get on an airplane and end up where she started without accomplishing anything, not even a picture? Travel FAIL!!!!!

Yes, once again Hello I am the unluckiest traveler EVAH ;)


deepintheheartoftexas2 said...

Sorry that happened to you. Florida is a great state though!

Rachel said...

No way! No stinking way!

Don't take this wrong, but girl, you sure get around! hee hee

That blows me away - so sorry for your travel woes! (We had some just this weekend too!)

M said...

OMG! I have never even heard of anything like that happening to anyone!

kc said...

LOL this is me, so if it has not happened to someone yet it will happen to me. I came really close to scanning and posting the boarding passes :)

But seriously, no meeting, no pictures, no beach...REALLY??? I was in Miami and it was BEAUTIFUL today. LMAO

(of course I left out the turbulence on the flight...because I think I may make another post just dealing with that hehehe)

Foursons said...

Hopefully the frequent flyer miles count for something!