Friday, January 14, 2011

Leters of Intent - the headache version


Dear HR,

When we have a change in our policy that is going to affect prescription medications, it would be appreciated if you could give us a heads up. I know it is not up to you to ensure that we get our medications in a timely fashion, but my attendance is of some importance to you, my boss and me. Thanks for that!!!!

the girl with the headache

Dearest Insurance Company:

When a doctor calls and gives the prior authorization for a medication, do you think that you can turn that around in a timely manner? These are MEDICATIONS!!! I don't mind spending your money, but I really don't want to waste time in the emergency room.

member with a headache that is only getting worse


Foursons said...

I just can't get over this mess. What if your meds were because of diabetes or asthma or cancer? I certainly hope they wouldn't be so slow for a life-threatening illness. Good luck.

Thanks for linking up!

kc said...

or high me, I already had a talk w/ my HR dept about this issue and how dangerous it could be. But still no notification from them. UGH!

leigh8 said...

I love it and totally understand! I am surprised your letters were not longer. I could have complained all day at both parties. LOL

Sandra said...

How's that headache? Have you checked your BP?...don't mean to be a know-it-all, but i tend to be a hypochondriac...

M said...

As far as I'm concerned, HR is just as obnoxious as insurance companies... but maybe I've just had bad HR experiences... let's just say when I was an operations manager, I was NOT friends with any of the HR managers... and I was always really mean to them in meetings, etc, because I was so over watching them walk around with their stupid HR smiles on their faces acting like they were being so helpful when they were in fact getting NOTHING useful accomplished! I threw more than one HR manager under the bus in my day... /rant