Friday, January 28, 2011

Letters of Intent: It's all good in the end


Dearest HR,

I am ever so respectfully asking, no begging, that you communicate with the employees. C'MON - 2 letters in a month written specifically to you, both regarding the word communicate. That to me seems a tad on the ridiculous side! Remember the whole unfortunate prescription you have rejected my review because YOU want something different. May I be the first to remind yo that this system was put in place two years ago and you came around and trained all of us. I remember and I followed through on my part, or thought I had. When you want changes made to a system you gave formal training on you need to communicate that in some way. Seriously, draft a memo at least. Have a paper trail or something! I am unable to read your mind. Thankfully, I have learned that I am not the only one unable to read the minds of others and this is a corporate wide issue. Maybe when you have had to kick-back more than 75% of the annual performance evaluations for the same or similar reasons, you should have seen the problem.

Best Regards,
The employee who knows communicating is not a deadly disease

Dear Boss,

Thank you for being the most understanding boss in the world. I know that listening to me whine is not always easy. Thank you for believing in me and giving me a shot at this job. I know you tell me that it is you who should thank me, but I really appreciate the opportunity.

The employee who will not let you down


I love you. You are my reason for being. I know that the last few months have been hard and that mommy has been really busy with work. I also know how hard it is for you that mommy has to travel as much as she does. Just a few more months and it will settle down. You are the most understanding, wonderful son I could ever ask for. I am so thankful for you!!!!

the mommy who loves you to the moon and back


Anonymous said...

Good bosses are hard to come by. Glad you have one!

That is a great to your child.

Foursons said...

No way- still problems w/HR?! That is just insane. Get your act together people.

I'm so glad you're boss is awesome. When I wrote my opener for today I was thinking of you specifically.

Glad the Doodles is thriving through all of your work.

Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

You are so blessed! A good boss is a treasure!

Hope the HR issues get resolved soon!