Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'mma Bonehead

Yeppers...I deleted it. I should never have posted that. I know better than to let my wounds bleed all over like that. Yes, I know what this blog is for; yes, I know the value of pouring your heart out......but there are times when it is best to let the wounds close, at least a little bit. It was a sleepless night filled with tears and I got up and went to the computer to wrote. About the only thing I did right was to not put R's email address in the to box and hit send. What I did wrong was to forget...I am so used to thinking that there is no one there when my world gets to big. That is so wrong! I know there is someone out there who I could have sent that vent, whine, spew, whatever that was....I could have sent that to her and she would not have minded. I was wrong in forgetting.

I grab the hearts that are entwined on the necklace I wear so often. When I am in therapy, when Doodles is giving me a heard time and I am about to snap on his cute little butt, when people at work are....hmmm some days there are no words for the people I work with, bless their hearts. I grab those hearts and remember that there is someone out there who I can talk to if it all gets to much for me. Because in friendship sometimes a friend lifts the other up, sometimes a friend holds the other up but they are always intertwined and together...even if they are apart.

So, yeah I admit that there are times that I am the biggest of boneheads that forgets I am not alone. Maybe someday I will get used to it promises though :)


Shell said...

I missed it!

M said...

Of course you have someone! You probably have more than one someone, too! But that someone who you're referring to is (I'm sure) always available for venting/whining/laughing/crying/whatever moments. And that someone has just been giving you a little bit of space lately because heaven knows you are super busy and now that you're dealing with the divorce drama all over again... someone knew that whenever you were ready to talk, you'd talk. :) Love ya!

kc said...

:) Shell...just more blah, puey divorce drama stuff that shouldn't have been spewed forth - at least not in that fashion.

Ahhhh, hmmmm...M, If I wait for my life to settle I'mma be 92 1/2. ;)