Friday, January 14, 2011

Oh so tired...

I am so tired today. It is as if someone unplugged me and the battery has run out....I have gotten slower and slower as the day has gone on. Not helping is the headache that my body has tried valiantly to fight is getting stronger as the minutes pass. I would like to send a very special thank you to my insurance provider, without whom I may have been able to get my prescription refilled in a timely fashion and I may not have this headache.

UGH, what a very special surprise that was this week. UMMMMM, you need a prior authorization to fill this medicine that you have been getting for the last 2 years. New plan year in effect, take a deep breathe, calm....seriously!!!!! Well, hmm good news is I don't leave for my business trip until Tuesday, maybe I will have it by then. Bad news is that my weekend will be so fun-filled.....NOPE, not gonna stand up to em I am so going into the emergency room. Take that insurance company!

I did go and get Doodles some mid-term you are doing awesome in school presents. I KNOW Christmas was a few weeks ago...but I try to do something in the middle of the school year and at the end - as long as the kid is getting good grades (don't giggle, first graders get grades, sorta). Doodles got his report card and he is well above where he should be in reading and in math. Yay! The only place for concern is his behavior in music class...."it's too loud mommy". Well, I don't know what to do about it except talk to him about doing better and making good choices. With his ear problem and that pesky autism thing hanging over his head noise is an issue -- more so the ear problems I think, since there is still no definitive answers on the Aspergers. Anyways, I got him 2 video games for his DSi. In a few more grades it will be cash for grades now won't it. I will get the shopping in while I can. (HA! I laughed at that considering shopping and I are not on the best terms).

I am still on the exercise track. Not running very far, but my knee has not given out. The lungs are still burning like crazy from the cold.......I need to run inside until this spring HEHEHE But hey, two weeks and I haven't given up yet....well today is a no show --- way too tired. Still, go me! :)


Foursons said...

Insurance companies are the most wonderful businesses on the planet. *insert sarcasm here* Sorry you're feeling so poorly because the red tape is in the way. Ugh- I have SO been there and it stinks.

M said...

Insurance... is it ever not a hassle? I hope you get your prescription straightened out... that's no fun. Feel better! And Doodles must be so excited about his DSi games! That should keep him busy so you can get some R&R this weekend, I hope.

kc said...

i called tonight and still not ready...called insurance company back and yeah doctor called...we are processing it. BAH!!!

I'm hoping, but he has therapy tomorrow morning. And I have got to fight it a little to get some homework done. :)