Monday, January 3, 2011


I have been invited to run 10 miles in October. OMG! I have not run more than 2 in soooooo long. I cherish this invitation....really, I do. So, I am gonna get pumped up and starting tomorrow I am going to be in the workout rooms at the hotel running -- or rather walking, jogging, least in the beginning. I am not going to take my knee brace! I am going to do this, and my knee will, WILL, get stronger and be able to sustain a long distance run without the brace. I'm pumped. No, really I am. I used to love running. It really is one of those addictive things. Once you begin, you just want to run every day. I used to do it as a stress reliever...go inside my own head, or outside it and forget everything.......just the footsteps pounding on the pavement.

Yes, I will take it slowly....working my way up. 1 mile at a time. If nothing else happens, and I do not get up to the 10 miles, I will lose some major pounds ;)

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