Thursday, January 6, 2011


Music means a lot to me. Reading allows me to hide behind a story. Writing allows me to purge those things that are inside myself and find a sense of relief. But music, it lifts me up. It touches me and it makes me feel emotions that are actually healthy....novel I know. When I am having a case of the blahs (yeah I know ya all thought that name up there meant talk, talk, talk - I guess sorta, but it more points to the blahs hit me 3 times harder than I would like) I look into my CD collection for something uplifting. Sometimes its hip hop, sometimes pop...but most of the time I will pull out Josh Groban. I know, that stuns ya doesn't it??? I can hear your thoughts...has anyone told this chic to look at the Mariah or all the flippin Eminem on this blog?!?!?! But seriously, Josh Groban's voice punches ya right in the heart and holds it. Sometimes it makes you smile and sometimes the emotions overwhelm a girl. I was listening to his new CD on the plane ride home and with Shell's Pour Your Heart Out Post from the other day, a 2 year old asserting her point of view, my case of whiney this week this song hit me.

And then....I heard a song for the first time that blew me away. I had tears in my eyes. Not from being sad....but from I don't know how to describe all the emotions that this song brings out. It is called War At Home. It is so not what I expected.......we all have our battles: illness, fertility, psychological disorder, friends/family away at war, storm damage and so many others big and small that we or someone in our family deal with (which means we get to deal with it). We all fight our wars at home, and it doesn't matter if we get knocked down we dust ourselves off and fight another day. My favorite line in this song is, "Through the void of silence you are not alone. You see these hands they're a million strong, they are yours now. Hold on love we're all going down."

So, my bloggie hands may be bruised from my war at home but I am here for ya if you need anything!!!!!


Rachel said...

I adore Josh Groban's music. Beyong the voice, the lyrics always seem to have a true message.

Rachel said...

(Oh - and about that shopping thing? I had to put a link in for CSN, even though I can't afford a nice bag like that! But at least someone will be able to get some free goodies during the giveaway! :)