Friday, October 15, 2010

The Mommy-vent

Why does it seem that the days when you are the most emotionally drained that things do not go as planned? Doodles is throwing a fit as we speak. I have no patience for it.

I made him get in the bath at 7:30. I have been telling him to get washed up since 8:01. Finally at 8:31, I put my foot down. At 8:47 he comes into my room asking if he can skip teeth so he can watch TV. I tell him no, he wouldn't be watching TV anyway because of the time. To which he starts whining, why didn't you remind me. AHHHHH! I tell him to go get his teeth brushed and he storms out of my room in tears. Not just tears, but an all out crying fit! I stormed after him, told him that he was grounded from TV for the weekend and brushed his teeth myself! There will be no crying in this house about the damn television!!!! He is not allowed to watch that much TV anyway. And he knows how I feel about him crying about it. I DON'T THINK SO!!!!! I do not know what goes on at his father's house, but, just no way in hades is that child throwing a fit about the TV.

Did I go overboard....probably, its his bad luck that he caught me on a day when I have a headache from to many emotions. He best hope he stops muttering "radio" loud enough so I can hear it in the next 3 minutes or I am going to fly into a rage.

End mommy-vent.


M said...

It must be so much more difficult to parent a child who splits his time between two households... especially when the other parent plays by a different set of rules instead of partnering with you.

Maybe the stars were misaligned or something yesterday... Abby is usually pretty mellow but she was being a butt yesterday, too. I hope Doodles decided to throw in the towel and go to bed!

kc said...

UGH! Those stars better align soon or.....he woke up throwing a fit. WHO DOES THAT -- wait I do. It has been a really bad day. I had to take some of my migraine medicine and that just made things worse today.

As of 6:17 things were finally settling down...just in time for bath and then bed. sucks cuz it was a pretty day out, would have been nice to go to the park. "NO MOMMY!! I DON'T WANNA" Ho Hum. Whatever. Tomorrow is another day.

Foursons said...

I hope the next day was better. If you don't stick to your guns every single time they will test you mercilessly. Hang in there.

kc said...

Next day....ANGEL :)