Sunday, October 10, 2010

Opening Disaster

It was absolutely RUINED! I went to say hi to a friend, and walked past him. He told me he was going to move on, find a new job, make it so I could be in peace and once again find joy in the one thing I do for myself. LIES!!!! EXCUSES!!! That is all I know from this person who once told me that he doesn't make promises unless he can stand by them. I looked like a fool. I rushed to the ladies room, composed myself enough to make it back to my seat and practically ran back.

I called and left a message, because I am something of a coward telling him that I was shocked to see him still there. He promised...I then told him that I saw a job posted on my way home that he should look into. That was the last of my reserve...I burst into tears as I sat in my seat for the second period. Shaking uncontrollably. Unable to stop the flow of tears. OH who is that foolish girl sitting at the hockey game crying her eyes out???

The boys won the game in OT. Normally I would be very happy...maybe tomorrow. Today I am just drained.


M said...

:( That's too bad... I hope this will be the last game he ruins for you but people like him rarely follow through on their promises to go away.

kc said...

So much for being a man who only makes promises that he can stand behind. I allowed all of the others to pass by without so much as a batted eye, but this one I put up a stink....its too important to me and he cannot see why.