Sunday, October 10, 2010

Understanding, or Lack Of

I often wonder why the world is such a cruel place. There is so much beauty to be enjoyed, but it is often overpowered by the unkindness that surrounds it. I don't understand lack of compassion, lack of understanding, and the level of caring that people have for others around them. I do not understand abuse, violence or cruelty. As someone who has lived through it, I still do not understand it...I honestly do not know if that is a good thing or not.

Yesterday started surrounded by those others would so cruelly call "imperfect". Children and Adults on all ranges of the autism spectrum. There was so much beauty, kindness, understanding and love in that park. My day ended with a phone call with someone who others would very much look at at say he is as close to "perfect" as one can get. There was no compassion, there was no understanding...there was a man who didn't want to see beyond himself and wanted to talk about himself and the issues he has gone through since our last conversation. No, it was not the meanest conversation I have ever had, but it was hard, made harder still by the lack of understanding on his part.

So, I ask myself who is the judge of this perfection?? In my eyes, those children and adults with the overwhelming ability to love, understand and be compassionate are so much more perfect in the sense that are those not the qualities that we should all be striving for? Are those not the qualities that will end up making this world a better place?

I guess I just do not understand ugliness when I look in the face of an angel every single morning - even when he is throwing a temper tantrum or doing whatever it is a 6 (almost 7) year old does.


M said...

I agree with you... the "imperfect" people are often the ones who are the most compassionate and understanding, the most human. The "perfect" people are too concerned with being perfect and reminding everyone else of how superior they are to care about how their behavior effects anyone else.

kc said...

That is exactly it! The "perfect" are always on the lookout to make sure that the facade is in place and nothing is out of order!!! They are too into themselves to be compassionate and understanding.

Those of us that are "imperfect" may have a wall built, but we know how to be understanding and compassionate towards others because behind that wall we know how much we really need those things. And, those without walls that just give freely are the most beautiful people in the world!!!!