Friday, October 1, 2010

Weird, Wacky & Strange

This week has been full of the weird, the wacky, just plan old strange days!!!

I told you I forgot my brush of all things...the clips I decided would work for combing my hair - worked for a day and then broke. So, I solved those issues and went and cut my hair. I think it is the shortest I have ever work it, but it is layered in such a way that I can wash it, dry it, finger comb it and it falls into place....those girls who wear the bobs -- SERIOUSLY, why didn't you tell me this was the reason and not that ya'll think it is an oh so cute style. I would have done this thing years ago. I may never go back to the long tresses everyone loves! BUT, that child who I brag about being so cute, so adorable, so loving...he didn't notice I was missing almost 12 inches of hair off my head. I asked him today what he thought and he was like :"oh I didn't notice but I like it". I have suddenly become less worried about him being manly enough...he passes the guy test :)

My flight was delayed in Boston (reason, it took off late from Washington DC due to "a passenger issue"...whatevah, leave em behind and take off, some of us want to get home). Now I know no one reading this is shocked that I was delayed, I have come to expect it to the weird/wacky part of this delay. I was sitting in Logan International Airport and this lil lady sits next to me and tells me, do not try to fly stand by - whoa, wait just a second how the heck? So, because she told me to trust her I didn't, I gave my place up to a colleague. {apparently I am still stupid enough to trust peeps just because they tell me to}. This lady continues to sit next to me talking, as if I want to hear her speak...some of what she said is BLAH BLAH BLAH...and then I cut her off and in my sarcastic way ask her who she is and why is she talking to me out o everyone in this airport. She tells me "I am a knowledgeable one". mmmm hmmm, what like a psychic or mystic or just a lunatic? THEN, she tells me that my heart has been broken and I should not shut everyone out. And, my plan to forget is foolish and shortsighted. Many people will be hurt. So, I ask her what she knows of my plans for ANYTHING...last I checked I have told NO ONE, I have not even blogged about it. This is where is gets really OMG, WTF is going on -- she tells me what is in my head and tells me that it will work, but I will forget more than just what I want to forget. OK, sure whatever. Back to the stand by thing....the person I let put her name on and got on the plane told me it was the worst flight ever, she was sitting next to some one who was getting sick all the way to the destination and that she missed the connecting flight so she got stuck overnight because she lost her seat on the original connecting flight. I am so glad I did not try to get on that flight!!!!!! So thanks psycho for talking me out of flying stand by. As far as everything else you said, I think you need to drink less of the crazy juice.

Teacher...Oh teach, please forgive me and my need to straighten you out. Doodles teacher contacted A about a letter I sent in with him and his Autism. Let's just say I was not the most pleasant I could have been. I don't think I was overly mean, but seriously....don't assume just because 2 parents came in to the conference that they are together. And do not contact the father when everything you have ever received regarding money, health, school records has been from the mother. Her follow up was oh, I'm sorry I didn't have your contact information. Yeah, I responded with ALL my contact information for her use and a pleasant reminder that my contact information is on all the enrollment forms.

It has been the weirdest week ever!!!


M said...

Whaaaat!? That's crazy! But At least Miss Cleo saved you from a torturous flight... and it was nice of her to give you free advice instead of charging you by the minute.

And what is wrong with Doodle's teacher? Seriously!

kc said...

Doodles teach...your guess!!! I can't wait for little girl to be in school so we can trade stories. :)

HA! You are so right, she didn't charge me by the minute and there are a bunch of folks that pay for that hehehehe

M said...

Oh, btw short hair really is soooo much easier. And it doesn't get any easier than a pixie cut... that was life changing for me. I would keep my hair short forever if the pesky husband didn't prefer my hair chin-to-shoulder length.

kc said...

darn men folk! Another reason to leave them alone LOL

I am kinda enjoying this new do -- I may go even a tinsy-itty-bitty-bit shorter :)

Foursons said...

Where is the picture of your hair? Hmmmm? Go on, I'll wait right here. *tapping foot*

Wow, the lady in the airport is creepy! Don't you wonder if maybe it's Jesus sitting there in a woman's body? Things that make you go hmmmm. Kinda like me asking where the picture of your hair is.

The teacher made a huge mistake. I hope you made her pay for it.

kc said...

yes....the teacher - I killed her with kindness. She now sends me too much information LOL Better that then none at all.

The hair has grown out some, but Doodles is playing with the camera today, so maybe I shall post some pix hehe