Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Passing GERMS

Driving home from school can be a dangerous situation at times. I need to tell my child to keep things like the following conversation for when we are sitting at home or the park...ya know somewhere where my eyes can bug out and I can stifle my laugh without killing us. Maybe a muzzle -- do they make muzzles for 6 year old boys????

Doodles "Daddy kisses Girlfriend"

Me "Yeah"

Doodles "Daddy Kisses Girlfriend ALOT!"

Me "mmmmmmm"

Doodles "Daddy tried to take a bite out of my Slim Jim."

Me "So???? Sharing is nice."

Doodles "THATS GROSS!!! Daddy kisses girlfriend, and that is PASSING GERMS."

Me "ummmm, what is I find a boy that I want to kiss?"

Doodles "That's ok."

Me "But, then I won't be able to share your stuff anymore. I might want to kiss a boy a lot."

Doodles "In that case I will just have to deal with the germs."

Me "oh, why? I wouldn't want you to do that."

Doodles "Mommy, I LOVE you. We share everything. We are always going to share even when you do kiss boys."

Ahhhh the horror and exasperation that filled that conversation was so funny!!!!


Rachel said...

You just never know what kids are going to say! Too funny!

M said...

LOL! So I'm thinking Doodles thinks Daddy's GF is icky... but he trusts that you have better judgment than his Dad, so your BF won't be icky, so the germs will be okay?

kc said...

Right!!! Like I would end up with an icky BF :)