Monday, August 16, 2010

Balancing Act

I have a secret for you...I hate balancing my checkbook. I am HORRIBLE with money!!! Money management, budgets, anything to do with it I suck at it!!!!! I am going to tell you why - MY PARENTS....nope, I am not big on blame the 'rents, but this really is their fault.

My whole life all I had to do was say "I want" and I had. Please do not get the wrong impression, I was not little rich girl, my parents worked very hard for what they had and we were fortunate that we had enough. I am one of five children; I have 2 older brothers, an older sister and a younger sister...the thing is, by the time my little sister and I were old enough to really "want" both my brothers and my older sister were out of the house, so it was really like it was just the two of us for the time that mattered. Back to money I was saying, all I had to do was ask and I had. I grew up always having what I wanted: I wanted to shop, I shopped...I wanted new shoes, I had them...I wanted to go out, I went - there was no thoughts to do I have the money to do these things??? Is this in a budget??? {I do know my parents worked hard, and it instilled in me a very good work ethic. I know I have to work in order to give Doodles the same things I had}

I balanced my checkbook this evening, and it is way more painful than I think it should be. It always takes me forever to get my check register to agree with the bank and I do this every two weeks. UGH!!! About once a month or so I really rethink this "I don't need a man" thing I have going on. I need a guy who I can throw my money at, my bills, and tell him that whereas I hate shopping I need to have the option available to me. Is that too old fashioned girly?????

Man Hunting ---- My local Accounting Firm....yes?!?!?!?


Misses M said...

OMG! I know the perfect guy. But, um, I'm kinda married to him... ;) He is brilliant with finances... the exact opposite of me. I know exactly what you mean on the "I want" thing. My parents didn't have much money, but my mom always made sure my sister and I had everything we wanted. As a result, I spent most of my early adult life in debt in order to feed all of my material wants. Hubby double majored in accounting and finance, so I was more than happy to put him in charge of our money. It's worked out very well for me! He has all sorts of fancy Excel spreadsheets he uses. Plus, I'm not sure if it's true of all accountants, but he totally organized and neat and tidy... so maybe if you find your own accountant he'll be Mr. Clean, too!

kc said... totally offered me your husband on a public blog -- ummmmm, where I have admitted to being somewhat less than respectable (well, gullible and naive and foolish and stupid and....well enough of that you get the picture). And ah ah ah, well, I love you, and I think Abby and Doodles would have great fun together; and you and I would have a blast I am sure --- BUT (1) bigamy is not only illegal but kinda ewww gross, (2) your hubby would probably not approve & (3) dang that is waaaayyyy too long distance of a relationship for me....even with online banking lol

OOOOOO -- but wait, is it still bigamy if I was only with him for his accounting skills; and since I am at marrying people in name only I could marry you too for your mad domestic skills......hey this may work out for me, hmmmm only have to solve that distance thing -- so check with your people LMAO

Accountants --- take care of money and dirty dishes???? (I think it is true. one of my friends is married to an actuary and he is way on the neat side) Where o where do I sign up...

Misses M said...

LOL... you need to find out where the accounting/finance people hang out so you can snag one for yourself. Maybe you should check out the accountants at your company so you can find out if they have any available accounting/finance friends who *don't* work for your company so you can find a bookkeeper of your own! It's great, you won't have to worry about paying the bills (because that will no longer be your responsibility) but you'll always have money to shop with!

kc said...

Follow up....balancing the checkbook - FAIL!!! I suck! Who forgets to put the car payment in the damn checkbook??? Well, since we are all wondering ME that's who. Oh well, next Friday is another payday and I will once again try again to put things in order and maybe this time I will get it all right.......

(please do not hold your breathe...I like you;) )