Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally, someone gets it...

OMG...finally, someone who gets it! Seriously, I thought the majority of the people in power had finally lost there ever lovin minds. There are states out there finally responding to the health care joke, I mean bill.

Karen Harned, executive director of the Small Business Legal Center of the National Federation of Independent Business, has a head on her shoulders!!! Beyond stating that the case needs to be heard she goes on to say:

"The federal government does not have the authority to regulate an individual's decision to do nothing. If they did, then they could force us to purchase any product they want," she said.

YAY! Since this health care bill was signed I thought every single person in DC has lost their minds and forgot about democracy and what exactly that means. The only question I have is why every single state is not in this law suit! But, just maybe it will be heard and those little shreds of common sense that are in those judges minds will fuse together and click to realize that Oh yeah we are not a socialist, we kinda can't penalize people for not purchasing government health care nor can we penalize Americans who have jobs that offer a benefit package. Crossing fingers!!!!!!!


Misses M said...

I don't think the health care issue will ever be resolved. It's too bad, because our country's health care issues definitely need to be fixed... but I don't think they will ever be done the "right" way. It's always going to be getting pushed to one extreme or the other.

Misses M said...

I have to say, I'm really liking the new and improved Eminem.

Misses M said...

*sigh* I just posted my response to your previous post on this post, didn't I?

May I please be excused from life today? My toddler kept me up almost all night long and my coffee is failing me. I'm a hazard to myself today! =P

kc said...

Agreed, healthcare needs help...but this is not the way to do it!!! I am a single mother that has worked so hard to get to where I am with a company that provides good benefits and now they are going to penalize me but taxing me out the a@@?!?!? BS...and then you have Pelosi telling people they can quit their jobs....UGH

EMINEM -- yep lovin the new stuff!!