Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friendly Advice

Earlier this week I posted that I need an accountant in my life. Misses M told me that I should check out my company accountants and see where they hang, maybe snag one up for myself. BWEE!!!! I stopped in the office yesterday to drop off expense reports and both of the accounting folks that work in the facility I am based out of were in, end of the month and all that. I said hi, made small talk, and in the back of my mind that comment was running through my head the entire time - TYVM my friend, but I did not laugh my butt off until I left the office. The Controller reminds me of, well of my father and the other person is a really, really nice woman. I imagine she hangs out at home, possibly the ballpark (this is a baseball town dontchyaknow), but in all honesty I can't think of one place she would "cut loose" so to speak. So, uh, yeah.....thinking that resource is a NO! :)

There is a serious issue bothering me. For the life of me I cannot find the sign that is taped to me, or if it is a neon sign over my head I cannot find the switch to turn it off. There has got to be something about me that gives a married man the vibe that I am free game. Really attractive man, very kind....very married with children....but hey, flirted with me and made it known that he was interested in getting to know me. Cannot wait for me to come back to the area because I am such a sweetheart. I am not the type of person that is going to be rude. I am not the type of person that knows how to cut people off at the knees. I am the nice girl...especially to my co-workers.

Another example: a friend of mine continues to push "to find time for us". It will only be one or two times, a learning experience (like I have not heard that I needed that my entire marriage), and we would still be friends. No one needs to know. Oh, this guy - he is a sweetheart, cutey-patutie, married. This one is super honest about it going no where; he is 'happily' married and planning on staying that way (unlike R, who used everything in his arsenal to string me along). I respect his honesty, but I'm sorry, possibly it is just me....but happy marriages do not include a cheatin ass man. The following is completely my fault, I don't know how to stop it...I have been playing along, sure, whatever, sounds fun. But, I am never available to see him, I make myself busy!!! I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I need to get it across to him that this is not going to happen. I respect the honesty that is there, I am flattered, but cheating on someone is sleazy and wrong and I just do not want to be a part of it!! {that is an issue that I am working through and will resolve soon}

But, I would love for someone to let me know what it is about me that makes a married guy think I am just going to look the other way. I admit I am naive, often stupidly so...are men really just that insensitive that they do not care about the women that they married???? Seriously, is it all guys.......I know some of them are just losers like that, but it is really all men? If it is all men, how do I go about getting them to look at someone other than me (no I am not going to gain a bunch of weight to make myself unattractive, but I am not adverse to growing warts if need be).


Misses M said...


I don't think accountants are the sort of people who "cut loose"... I think Dan is a freak in the accounting world. He has to go to something like 40 hours of training each year to keep his CPA license current, and no matter which city he goes to or what the subject of the training seminar is, he is always the only "normal" person there and he is always by far the youngest. Apparently most accountants are old, socially awkward, and dowdy. About 6 months ago he met with someone from an accounting/finance hiring agency. They were doing an interview with him so they could have a better understanding of his work experience and his future career goals and afterward the agent commented on Dan being an unusually good speaker/communicator/whatever than the average accountant. I thought that was funny, but every accountant I've ever met has been such a dork! I can see the agent being surprised to meet Dan... my guitar playing, skateboarding, sarcastic, wicked humored hubby.

Like I said, I think they're totally drawn to the girl next door image. OMG, I don't understand those guys (or girls) who claim to be happily married while at the same time trying to proposition someone! WTF? The other appeal is probably that you travel so much... they're like "Hmm, maybe I can hook up with this chick once or twice a year..." Maybe you could develop a fake "tick" or snort or something to put them off? Or just start yelling "BWEEE!" like a crazy person... that could work.

Speaking of bwee!, Abby spilled her goldfish crackers on the floor and yelled "BWEEE!" Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's a swear.

kc said...

yeah...I forgot to mention it was my father on downers, but I am trying to be nice :) Seriously, having a conversation with an accountant is usually harder than having a conversation with a 6 month old child...sad but true fact, the 6 mo old will get their point across better.

OMG, all of a sudden I have developed a disorder with BWEE as my word of choice....totally believable!!! and good fun, at least for me. Oh, I guarantee I will do this at a hockey game!!!! And since we now have confirmation that it is a cuss, I am feeling good about this decision. :) much better than shave my head a la Britney.

Yeah, I'm happily married, but sleep with me. It doesn't make sense. It makes the guy/girl look like a world class jerk. But, in this case, my travel is helping me dodge the bullet. But, you may have hit the nail on the head for the other guy, she is only here a few times a year... UGH. Some people just suck as people.

Foursons said...

It is not all men who act like that. Some are just sleezeballs. Start hanging out in the produce section of your grocery store more. A single guy is bound to show up to buy some apples or bananas. :)

kc said...

Produce, deli, or frozen foods??? I mean yeah I want a healthy guy but I also want one who is realistic in my domestic abilities LOL

I read an article once about eating out while reading a book and a guy is bound to show of these days I may just do that to see if its true ;)