Saturday, August 14, 2010

How cool is that???

This week was not completely filled with co-workers and things that are either so boring it's not worth mentioning or so technical you would all call me out as not knowing what I was truly talking about...

Thursday morning I went and toured the Louisville Slugger factory. My traveling companions really wanted to go and, hey what the heck right?!?! So, I do not do baseball...I am a hockey girl, winter sports are my thing - seriously being born up north was a good call on the Powers that Be part when it came to me. :) I swore that this trip Doodles was not getting anything, but at the end of the tour they give out the mini-bats so...yeah. He loves it. Back to the tour...for me I thought it was kinda cool. I found my dream job. There was a gentleman watching paint dry. No, seriously, he got up once in the 15 minutes I was watching him touched a bat and sat back down. I asked and his whole job was to make sure the bats do not come off the hooks until the varnish/paint/whatever is dry...I can totally do that!!!! QUALIFIED -- over here, pick me! You end up in the museum which was cool. I thought of Misses M, there is a lifesize wax of Griffey in a Mariners uniform...sorry, I know painful subject these days. They were making bats for one of the Boston Red Sox players. In my oh so humble opinion it was kinda amazing the way that they make a baseball traveling companions were a little let down. I guess to a true fan of the game, it's different. I can see that, watching a factory crank out hundreds of hockey sticks would probably take the awe out of it for me when I want it to be the wooden shafts, and then bending each blade individually. So, yeah I can see the let down of a smoothly run factory cranking out the bats instead of using the hand lathe of the past. The other BIG let down was that the personalized can't use them! But, they have professional cores that didn't come out perfect so a mere mortal can buy them for $50. {But beware if you fly out of the Louisville airport no bat, of any size is allowed as carry on - yeah I was fine taking my mini-bat through CVG}.

Lunch was just down the street at this AMAZING Italian place called Luigi's. Seriously, if you are ever in Louisville, KY you have got to stop at this place! It is a local little restaurant with the most delicious food. I highly recommend the lasagna...mmmmm GOOD -- no that doesn't even begin to describe it!!!! Trust me, I don't recommend many restaurants because I am such a picky eater, but this one - Scrummy!!!!!!!!

That evening we ate at the Oak Room. Very nice. Apparently the place of legends, Al Capone type legends...and the Lady with the Blue Dress! Then we proceeded to take a tour of one of the coolest places. Very techno-advanced for the business that they are in. But the absolute coolest thing was the 16 million dollar Flight Simulator that my traveling companions and I were lucky enough to be able to experience! The instructor allowed me to mess with one of my companions who was flying and throw a light thunderstorm at him and after everyone got a chance to take off/fly/land he showed me all of the weather and malfunctions that were available. The things a pilot has to go through in simulation are absolutely unbelievable! The flight sim was probably the highlight of the things I have experienced in my life. Unbelievably cool! I hope I get a chance to go back and see them again. :) But, I don't suppose anyone wants to buy me one for christmas, my birthday, just as a you're great present????? No, I didn't think so...

Anyway, this was a cool trip...but I am glad to be home, even if it does feel like it is just a moment. My weekends are going to fast. Tomorrow is church, lunch and then it will be the rush of getting ready for the next day again.


Misses M said...

Sounds like too much fun for a business trip! That Oak Room restaurant sounds really cool... and if I ever become filthy rich I'll totally buy you a flight simulator!

kc said...

The Oak Room was beautiful! But as with most 5 star restaurants, my companions walked out on the hungary side. Me, I was fine...those upity places have the perfect serving sizes for me LOL

Woooo Hooooo, someone willing to buy my flight simulator....Thales makes them hehehehe

It was fun! My business trips do that once in awhile...... ;)