Saturday, August 14, 2010

Daydreams versus Reality

When I travel I always get a window seat. I stare out the window at the passing clouds and there are moments that I get caught up in daydreams. I envision jumping out of the airplane into those clouds. Losing myself in those soft, fluffy white puffs with not a care in the world, gazing up as the bright blue turns to dusk and watching as the twinkling stars come out. Sometimes I think I would be able to hop from cloud to cloud not having to ever get to anywhere specific.

Then, I realize that this is me and I would jump and land in a thunderhead. Wickedly violent, lightening going from cloud to cloud until suddenly I would be hurdled to Earth along with slashing rain and some hail thrown in for good measure tossed to my destination. So, I look around me, take a deep breath and know that my life may not be perfect but as long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other I will get to where I am going.

It may be loud...what with the screaming toddler right in front of me on the airplane from CVG to ORD; it may be slow...with the hour sitting on the tarmac in ORD (once again with a baby in the next row, what was up with yesterday and me and kids????); but eventually I always get to where I need to be and I almost always get a pleasant greeting when I get there. (in yesterday's case Doodles saw me for the first time in a week and ran into my arms with a kiss, hug and all his news from the week.) It may not be cloud hopping, but sometimes my reality is much better :)

more on this trip later...we did some really cool things that I can actually talk about ;)


Misses M said...

I won't take Abigail on a plan until she's much bigger because I don't want to risk the other passengers strapping parachutes on our backs and throwing us out the emergency exit. My mom is taking a train to MI to see her family next month... I'd like to go with her, but Abby on a train? No thanks. :P

kc said...

I have been taking Doodles on a train since he was 4 weeks old. I liked the freedom to take care of him without having to stop. He LOVES it!!!! I have not yet taken him on an airplane...he really wants to go on one, maybe next summer. He will have to promise to behave, and I will find someplace within like 2 hrs maybe LOL

kc said...
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