Wednesday, August 25, 2010 what you want

I love getting all of my information about school via text message. Apparently Doodles is going to have reading tutoring...I don't know what it is or why since he has been reading since he was four. Does that mean he is being bumped up and will spend a hour a week with advanced reading or has he forgotten how to read when he is at school? I got it via text from such a reliable source. I emailed his teacher to ask her W.T.H. is going on, I needed to email her anyway to schedule parent/teacher conference. UGH, sometimes this traveling business is for the birds.

Let me tell you about my day...what???? we don't understand! Explanation given, ARGUMENTS ensue. If I was a drinker I would have totally started drinking. You don;t understand and now you are arguing with us??????? STOP IT! Please understand that we may just know that 2+2 really does equal 4 and not 3 or 5. BWEE!!!!

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Foursons said...

My son is getting help in math this year. *sigh*